Problem suffered from an overwhelming amount of content  and lack of hierarchy and no mobile experience. Important information was hard to find and was used internally as a repository of past work.


ASCAP Writer and Publisher Members.


A responsive solution streamlining member and licensee information. Working with Marketing and Member Support departments to identify the pertinent information for our users and elevate it appropriately.


Product Design Lead - I created the first concept for the redesign and worked with an additional designer to flush out the modules for the marketing team to use. Acted as the de facto product owner with stakeholders and development resources. Evangelized internal adoption of modern web best practices. 

ASCAPcomOld Homepage

As part of the redesign, we needed to justify to the different departments how the update would effect their legacy content. As a team we spent time unpacking what was the most important communication for each ASCAP audience and providing a space for further content. 


We saw an increase in users per month


We went from ~10% mobile users to 36% mobile users

iPhone Xs Mockup-ASCAP

This redesign was ASCAP's first step into responsive web design. We had to balance the internal processes of the organization with the shifting external expectations. This redesign helped move ASCAP's internal stakeholders to start thinking about the impact on mobile and how to better prepare for the futre. 


Member AccessProduct Design

QuaverDesign System

Advertising CampaignsWeb Design and Advertising

Sheena IyengarBranding


Chris Guimarin

Instagram: @ChrisGuimarin

Instagram: @ChrisGuimarin