Member Access


ASCAP needed to change the conversation around how members perceived the brand from an out-dated experiences. Member were unable to self-serve and many items required manual ASCAP staff intervention. 


ASCAP Members including writers, publishers, legal earners, designated users and resigned members


Redesign the member experience so that it works responsivesly and changes the brand's perception. 


Product Design Lead - I created the initial designs and set the original grid system, type styles and more. As we me expanded, I worked with additional designers to flush additional features and functionality. Depending on the project and requirements, I either reviewed all designs or designed them myself.

Director of Product Design - I continued to contribute and review new features and sections as shown while guiding product and project managers as they took on responsibility for sections and features. Any unallocated sections, I remain the product owner.

Dashboard Before

Member Access lacked a consistent nagivational structure and wasn't usable on a mobile device.


Spoke with users and redesigned the application to work on more devices. Created more contextual information for the user.

Works Registration

Works Registration is the cornerstone of the performance rights process, without a registration songwriters are not paid. On average this form/process would take the user 15-20 minutes per work to register.


With the registration we reduced the time period to under 2 minutes. Works can now be started and registered on the go. The process is consolidated to a single page, simplying the overall process.

Mobile Pass

The International Party Identifier (IPI) number is the identifier for songwriters and publishers. We created the ASCAP IPI Card to make their number accessible allowing for more accurate registrations. The user flow below details for the developers the experience.

Interactive Earnings

Interactive Earnings changed the way writers and publishers interacted with their statements. No longer was a PDF or CSV requiring manual intervention and understanding but now it became a serious of tables and graphs. This redesign allowed members to discover insights quicker and easier than ever before.


After launching Interactive Earnings and hearing from members, we continue to iterate on the product. We designed ways to engage in filters consistently and elevated relevant information earlier on the page.


For the first time ever, Interactive Earnings allowed members to see trends in the statements. No longer did users have to create their our data visualizations, with a few clicks Interactive Earnings did that for them.

Interactive Earnings Work List

We continued to improve our tables, search functionality and navigational elements. With each launch we learned more about  usage and continued to optimize.


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Instagram: @ChrisGuimarin