Below is a collection of work created by students I have taught in General Assembly Visual Design courses. The Visual Design course teaching digital design principles, graphic design theory and the more to help provide a framework for students to create effective websites and ditgal products. Through teaching at GA, I have been recognized as a Distinguished Faculty Member, the top 1% of all General Assembly faculty worldwide and work on the Visual Design Product Advisory Board to create best practices and innovative improvements for all visual design instructurors and courses. 

Liquid Lab by Eva Van der Borght
Liquid Lab Juice Selector by Eva Van der Borght

Liquid Lab, a ficitional juice company, by Eva Van der Borght. Eva created moodboards, style guides, responsive mockups, the initial illustrations and animations . 

BeatBox Landing Page Tablet and Mobile
BeatBox StyleGuide by Martin Stubbs

BeatBox, a ficitional music streaming service, by Martin Stubbs. Martin created moodboards, style guides and the initial landing page. 

Skillshare Class

Skillshare Teaching

My start in teaching focused on one-on-one instruction for clients such as 1 Second Everyday and expanded to a skillshare where I've taught over 1,500 students. 

Chris Guimarin

Instagram: @ChrisGuimarin

Instagram: @ChrisGuimarin